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Which One You Should Buy? : i7 vs. i9

In this article, we’re going to discuss the core differences between the processor i7 vs i9. You will get the differences according to the processor’s model, generation, usage capability and budget. We will cover the deep technical things about the processor in an easier way. So, for what you are waiting for, let’s have a deep dive into it .

i7 vs. i9 : Information About i7

It is a high- performance microprocessor which was developed by Intel®. Intel is also one of the leading technology companies of the world. Moreover ,Intel® Core i7 belongs to the Intel® Core series and these were specially designed for desktops ,laptops and computers . If keeping the stats in mind Intel® i7 had topped the intel core series and made it more effective and chosen by customers than the i3 and i5 series.

i7 : Number of Cores

Basically intel core i7 has at least of 4 cores . As i7 is highly effective and multitasking, the number of cores of i7 can be increased according to the model . Hence the number of cores in some devices can be extended upto six, eight, or even more cores.

Is i7 Gaming Effective or is it Suitable for Gaming?

Definitely , Intel i7 is suitable for gaming and it is fully effective for handling high gaming demands in today’s time . i7 with high clock speeds and if paired with a graphic card then it provides a smooth gaming experience to the users .

Information About i9 

i9 is typically part of the high-processing series by Intel. i9 offers better gaming experience and advanced features which helps in positive customer review and use experience. It is more successful in content creation and heavy multitasking if demanded by the users .

i9 : Number of Cores

Generally, i9 has around 6 cores which can be extended upto 18. The extension of cores totally depends on the device model and as same as i7 the number of cores can be enhanced .

Is it Suitable for a Gamer or Gaming?

If users are seeking for smooth gaming and enhanced performance i9 is suitable for handling gaming demands .It is among one of the high core counts and fast clock speed with high processors which would act as a boon for users seeking enhanced gaming experience.

Steps to Check your Device’s Processor : i7 vs. i9

STEP 1. Click on this PC

STEP 2. After that you have to click on “computer” shown on top left corner

STEP 3. Click on “system properties

STEP 4. You can check your processor information under device specifications

i7 vs. i9 : Comparison Between i7 AND i9

CLOCK SPEED2.6-4.5 GHz2.6-5.0 GHz
POWER base – turbo125 W – 253 W125 W – 253 W
ON CHIP GRAPHICS————————————-
CACHE SIZE8-12 MB12-19.25 MB
i7 vs. i9 comparison table

Comparing the i7 and i9 processors – The i9 processor is faster than i7 and more expensive than i7. Thus, I9 processor has more capability to run heavy applications , games and multitasking than i7 also the I9 processor has a higher TDP rate than i7. This means it consumes more power and produces heat and requires a great cooling system.

i7 vs. i9 : Conclusion

After reading this article, we hope that you’re now ready to decide whether you have to go for i7 or i9. But adding to it, the processors also depends upon your specific needs and requirements of the device. The technical aspects of i7 & i9 processors are deeply covered above. And, we hope that you have liked this article.

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