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Artificial Intelligence : About , Definition , Uses

In this article we are going to discuss , about artificial intelligence. AI has constantly developed popularity among this generation. People mostly use AI for getting answers to their queries .This post will give you a deep insight of what actually is AI and its uses , benefits.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence was first introduced and used by United States Department of Defense in 1960’s . At that time they trained computers to act according to the human need ( mainly to deal with their queries and provide proper assistance regarding work problems ) . AI helps the computer to works or mimics like a human for problem solving tasks.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important ?

AI has significantly contributed to reducing the workload on humans and completing the given tasks with relatively less errors . It has been used in major businesses for stimulating or replicate employee work. Specifically , it has been successful in data oriented tasks and calculating large legal files. Many businesses have included AI in their workspace such as Apple, Meta, Microsoft and many more. ChatGPT an AI software was developed by Open AI which is an AI research company .

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been boon for todays generation hence there are some advantages as follows :-

Less time taken for heavy tasks – AI is developed to reduce burden from human shoulder and complete heavy task in a short duration of time . These heavy tasks can include financial and banking queries etc.

AI provides personalized answers to queries – As Ai was made to stimulate human thus we can expect it to provide solution according to one’s need or expection .Also, providing personalized answers can help in increasing customer experience till satisfaction.

Saves money to be spend on hiring , employees and labour – AI is self-sufficient to single handedly handle many tasks at the same time , hence it save an important and healthy amount of money to be spend on labour.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Increases unemployment rate as it requires less human involvement

Requires a healthy amount of capital investment

Very less supply of AI tools experts

Sometimes lack in personalized query solutions

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

The following are the uses of AI :-

Navigation purpose in vehicles: AI plays an important role as a navigation tool in vehicles (specially autonomous vehicles) . In a way they calculate amount of incoming traffic on the road , also helps ships to navigate their way in oceans .

Financial Uses : In todays times much of the trading work is done with the help of Artificial intelligence. Some AI applications like Turbo Tax are made for personal financial transactions. These applications collect user’s data and provide personalized financial advice. For buying home online a user can use IBM Watson .

Security : Security is the first major issue or point that person is always worried of while visiting a website or making any online transactions . AI detects malicious codes or files and alerts the users much sooner and faster than a human employee .

Uses in entertainment and media : Automated journalism is in trend now and with the help of robotics and AI complexity , working time , capital investment has been reduced .In the entertainment sphere , introduction of AI has proved to be revolutionary as ideas for script has increased .

Use of robotics in educational sphere : With the introduction of Ai tools like ChatGPT ,Bing ,Perplexity AI people specially students have been benefited . They can reach out to any of these services for solution of any queries or in search of ideas for their projects .Thus, these AI’s produce full fledge explanation for their queries with suitable key points and examples .

Details about Reactive AI

Reactive AI is developed to solely work according to the rules and regulations that are predefined . Unlike Advanced AI that can learn and adapt to the new data or change behavior accordingly , Reactive AI cannot improve or change its behavior as a result of new data detected .


Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a boon for todays generation because it had reduced the time for making decision or providing an answer for a query .But AI also has it negative issues too , it cannot totally replace the human involvement . Being the strongest and intelligent creature only human has the power of acting emotionally .Robotics or AI’s positive results are observed and appreciated in different fields , also it is considered that AI will have a huge affirmative impact on coming generations.

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